Honey, where are my keys?

“Where did I put those keys…?”

“Where did I put those keys…?”

It happens more times than not I'm afraid, the forgetfulness.  Seriously, it seems I ask my poor wife three times a day questions like, “Have you seen my wallet?” “Have you come across my watch lately?” “I’m missing my ring from CrossFit, have you seen it by chance?”  Come to think of it, it doesn’t ‘seem’ like anything, I simply misplace a lot of things, often. 

I’ve considered this lack of knowledge and have thought of ways to combat this phenomenon.  I’ve attempted to put the same things in the same place every time I take them off as to not forget them. Unfortunately something happens and I get distracted, or I get called to diaper duty or one of my sons is doing a high-flying wrestling maneuver off the couch that I have to attend too and I get distracted.   

Heck, I’ve even put into practice parking down the same aisle in the Walmart parking lot, just so when I go out the door I can walk straight and not have to think about where my car is, it’ll just appear.  I adopted this practice after many embarrassing walks of shames through a few aisles of parked vehicles, I’ve even pretended to be on the phone as to try and find an imaginary friend who was picking me up.  Got to stay creative in these times folks. 

I recently came across a pretty cool story I related to my “misplacement of items-itis” found in the Bible.  It was a story involving Elisha and some prophets that had been staying with him.  Basically, the guys staying with Elisha came to him and told him his place wasn’t big enough to hold all of them and asked if they could go down to the river and cut down some trees to build their own place.  Elisha said that was cool, and they invited Elisha to come along.  The story goes that as they were cutting down trees, one of the prophets’ axe head broke off the handle and fell into the river sinking to the bottom.  To make matters worse, the axe head that was lost was borrowed.  So, the distressed prophet went to Elisha and told him what had happened.  Staying cool, calm and collected Elisha asked where it fell it at, and threw a stick in the river at that spot.  Suddenly, the axe head floated up to the surface.  Elisha very nicely said, “pick it up.” 

This story albeit completely nuts and ridiculous did happen and might leave you confused as to its meaning.  There are however a few things I'd like to point out that might make some sense to this crazy story. (at least its helped me find my keys since reading it a little better).

  1. God cares about what you’ve lost.  Nothing is too big or small when it comes to God, not even an axe head.  Luckily for me, not even a pair of keys, glasses, a wallet or anything else I've lost over the years. 

  1. Go back to the beginning.  When I ask my wife the question, “Honey, have you seen my keys.” the initial response is, ‘where’d you have them last?”  It gets me every time.  So much so, I've even used that line on my kids.  Then I feel someone staring at me and turn around and there’s my wife.  She knows I'm just as bad as the kids, but she spares me. Sometimes. 

  1. Start doing something different.  Elisha, didn’t pick up another axe and say, “here, use this one.” He threw a stick in the river, literally.  He did something different, perhaps a change of perception or perspective is what you need to help find what you’ve lost. 

No matter the object, whether it’s tangible or intangible, I believe you can put these three points into practice, and it can help you find what has gone missing.  Whether its joy, a relationship, peace of mind, your fire for your job/career, your reputation or anything else know this – God cares about it. He can help you find it by going back to the beginning, and it may take you doing something completely different to get back on track.  Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to run to the store to grab a few items.   

Now, where is that wallet... 

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