Mid-Year Check up!


Earlier this year, the word “FOCUS” has been at the forefront of my 2019.  It made sense being I was heading into my last semester of graduate school, working on completing my 4th children's book and working to balance out life with a newborn (again).  The great thing about life it seems is that not matter what plans we have made, or what obstacles that come our way may – time passes. 

Before I started my grad school journey, I was told this by a co-worker and it really stuck with me.  We were talking about graduate school and he had just finished his MBA.  I told him I was on the fence about it, but he said, “Time is going pass man.”  Now, there were some other words spoken in that conversation but the jest of it was this – time will pass, what are you going to do with it?  He was right, time passed, classes came and went and then a few years later it was time to buckle down for the home stretch.  I completed grad school, I completed my fourth children’s book "The Silver Fox and the Golden Pup" and luckily the newborn navigation is going well with a daily dose of baby wipes and diaper changes. 

Now that summer is here, I find myself reflecting on the past six months and asking myself ‘Now what?’  I stayed there for a moment and thought of how the year started, and how its moving along and I’m reminded of the advice that was given to me, ‘Time is going to pass.”  I find myself in a summer full of travel and new experiences, a challenge at work where it seems the competition is getting more difficult to overcome, along with continuing to balance out life pursuits, family, career and side gigs I’m passionate about.  It would be easy for me to change course and just call the year a ‘win’ and float along.  But after checking the calendar, there are 6-month months left in 2019. 

You may find yourself in the same place and asking, “Now What?”  It’s a simple question to ask but a difficult one to answer if you’re not in tune to what is happening around you.  Perhaps you’ve recently overcome something – a fear, a bad relationship or gained something – a new family, a calling, a new job.  Whatever it is, you have an opportunity to take what has happened (good or bad) and do something with it. 


My advice on how to answer the question “Now What?” is to go back to the beginning.  My word for the beginning of the year was “Focus” and I’m going to stick with it through the end of the year.  Heck, I even bought a bracelet to have a constant reminder to stay there.  Whatever your inspiration is or whatever your “word” is for the rest of the year I challenge you to pursue it head on.  Do your research on a project, make the time necessary to complete deadlines, give yourself a purpose that fills you instead of depletes you – just go for it. 

Through the years at work, and through conversations with people I have been asked “how do you have time of this?” or they’ll say, “I don’t have time for that” or my favorite, “You have too much time on your hands.”  It’s difficult for me not to get angry at these statements, especially the “You have too much time on your hands.”  However, you can’t control someone else’s words, only your reaction to them.  So, to the naysayers you will run across as you pursue your goals and passions throughout the rest of the year, just tell them this, “Time is going to pass, I’m choosing to invest in the things I love to do.”  Then walk away from that person.   

Russell DelkComment