Thanks Mom.


This is a Happy Mother’s Day message to all moms, especially mine. 

When I think of Mother’s Day, I have several thoughts that come to mind. First, I think of own mother and how thankful I am to have the type of relationship I have with her. We talk almost daily and are active in each other’s lives. I’m lucky to live close to her so that we can meet up for lunch or dinner during the week and now that i have kids of my own, I love seeing her interact with my children. A mother is wonderful but a grandmother...that’s different. 

I also think of grateful I am for my wife and our own children we have. Being a son is one thing, being a husband and watching your wife be a mother day in and day out is something else entirely. It’s truly amazing how awesome she is at balancing out work with mom life. From preparing for the day ahead to making sure the kids (and me) look decent, I’m so very grateful. 

I’m reminded of my grandmothers who have passed on. My “Mamaw Delk” and my “Granny” were very special. Two of the sweetest ladies that knew how to love. I also have my sister who is mother, my mother-in-law, several friends who are mothers and those “aunts” that may not have kids of their own now but take ours under their wing. it’s just a great day.

It’s a saying I’ve actually said well over 1000 times. No matter what situation is, was or going to be. I know my moms got my back. She may not like the actual situation I may be in, but I know she supports me.  There have however been some instances that I love to bring up when I think of my mom, what’s great about these is that to someone else, they probably seem completely random and not at all like something they would say about their own mom. And that’s perfectly fine, you have your moments and I have mine. 

Like that time I was completely obliterated on the football field at Samford by a blind side block and as the story goes my mom jumped a little and said “oh...Russell just got the mess knocked out of him.” (But she didn’t say ‘mess’). I love this story because through my football career I think my mom didn’t see half the plays due to either looking away or her eyes were shut. She saw that one though - of all plays lol.


Or the time when I was way over my head at a Crossfit competition and I caught her out of the corner of my eye grimacing as if she just bit into a rotten apple. I love this because I don’t think she really had any idea what was going on. She just knew it was a competition of some sort, she knew her son is a competitor and she showed up to support me.

Oh and then there was the time I was going through literally the worst time of my life and she just showed up and hung out with me. Sometimes you just need your mom to sit there. I’m not going to say else about this one. My mom helped me through it, prayed for me through it and I’m better because of it, and she was there for me through the whole thing. Thanks mom.

Too often, moments with parents are either taken for granted or they’re simply overlooked. Especially for someone who is as selfless as a mother is. I’m sure there are countless stories you can tell of how your mom knew exactly the right words to say when, or how your mom knew this was the time to call, or how no matter what, you can always call and she’ll tell you she loves you. I have a mom like that, and I’m forever grateful. 

Granted, not everyone has this luxury. It may be due to a bad relationship in which there isn’t any communication, or perhaps their mom left this earth far too early or there may be some other circumstances. Either way, we all have that womanly figure we turn too for love, guidance and hope. I hope you tell that person this Mother’s Day how much they mean to you. 

It doesn’t have to be maternal, it doesn’t even have to be a blood relative. Either way, don’t miss the opportunity to say “I love you,” it’s something we don’t say enough.

As for me, I plan on hugging my mom tightly, telling her I love her and simply saying “thanks mom.”

Happy Mother’s Day.

Russell DelkComment