A Tambourine, who knew.

From time to time, I see awesome photos of events with the word ‘Gala’ behind it.  For me, ‘Gala’ usually refers to black tie attire for guys and evening gown or very refined cocktail dresses for women.  What exactly one of these “Gala” does or represents sometimes is a mystery, but that’s for another blog.  Recently, my CrossFit box held its first Annual New State CrossFit Awards Gala.  While the gala itself was an awesome event with several takeaways.  There was one that as quite memorable. 

Granted, when you think “Gala’ you might not consider associating that word with anything to do with CrossFit.  And you’re right.  We’ve all seen the images of men working out shirtless displaying muscles at will and Women wearing bathing suit spandex that thankfully do not come in the color nude.  Yet regardless of the stigmas of CrossFitters both men and women only wearing gym clothes, when you throw the word “Gala” in there, your A-Game is expected, and in this case, out box exceeded expectations.

The evening started off great. We had a sit-down meal and then began with the awards ceremony. I was the MC and enjoyed every minute of it. There were some “serious” awards which included “strongest male/female” “most improved athlete” etc.  Then there were some fun awards such as the “Loudest Grunter” or “Always Delays the Workout” award.  Needless to say, they were fun.  Once all awards had been passed out we handed it over to the D.J.  Once the grove started to kick in however, an unexpected visitor arrived on the scene. 

As diverse a group can be, from ages 16 – 60 plus (I’m guessing on the 60 plus, I'm not asking anyone their age...) from different backgrounds and styles, we were all having a good time.  Like any dance floor, there are the early arrivals set to stomp their feet to each song that comes on.  Then the DJ spins a line dance, and everyone does the Wobble.  From there, it’s a mixture.  The low-key reserved folks sitting at tables talking and having a great time, the semi low-key folks standing at the tall tables just close enough to the dance floor but not exactly on it (but I see you tapping your foot to the music), to the people watchers, to those who are standing there waiting...waiting on their song, and when it hits, arms go up, hips start shaking and a few words similar to “THIS. IS. MY. JAM!” are spoken.  Personally, I tend to channel my inner Kevin Bacon and yell “LETS DAAANNNCE!” As soon as the DJ starts playing.  This brings me to the ‘unexpected visitor.”   

On this night, there was one individual who found an item that usually can be found in a very conservative Denominational Church or a toddler's percussion set from Target, but for whatever reason, she grabs it.  The item?  A tambourine.  I have no idea why a tambourine was even in Studio 550 where we held our Gala, but I'm thankful it was.  The tambourine was an instant hit with the fellow dancers, onlookers, heck anyone who was there.  In fact, I as afraid it was going to turn into some sort of weird Lord of the Flies montage where instead of the conch shell to be the source of power you had a tambourine, but luckily it didn’t get that far. 


Some took the tambourine and instantly started shaking it uncontrollably, they couldn’t handle the pressure and had to quickly hand it off.  Some took it and began trying to match the beat of the song playing with the subtle tap shake method the tambourine provides.  Others just grabbed it and held it over their heads as if it were a WWF championship belt.  Basically, it was a tambourine free-for-all, and everybody wanted a piece of the action.  Even me, oh who am I kidding, I loved it. 

Reflecting on the tambourine it was as if whoever possessed it instantly had their 15 seconds of fame – and owned it.  It was like the tambourine was a mask, and whoever put it on, became the dancer they always knew they could be – because of the tambourine.  Because when you hold the tambourine, you instantly become a superhero.  When you hold it on the dance floor, you instantly become (insert your favorite dancer – any genre).  However it grabs you one thing is true, it allows for your “fun side” to absolutely come to light.  I can only sum it up in one statement said by the husband of the woman who dared to grab the tambourine and start the dance revolution, “Well heck babe!  Had I known this is all you needed to cut loose I would have bought you a tambourine years ago!”  There’s power in the tambourine folks. 

This got me thinking of other opportunities where the tambourine could be used... 

  • You’re at a regular After hours work event...grab a tambourine. 

  • You're a bachelor/bachelorette party and want to spice things up...grab a tambourine. 

  • You’re at a family reunion, the BBQ is over, and things are starting to die down...grab a tambourine. 

  • Say you’re a teacher and the class needs a pick me up...grab a tambourine. 

  • It’s 6 A.M. and you need to get the kids up...grab a tambourine.  (I’m doing this Tuesday Morning) 

  • Say you’re selling a solution to a client and want to grab their attention with a quick pitch...grab a tambourine. 

  • It’s Prom season...BE.THAT.GUY/GIRL. ...grab a tambourine. 

  • A wedding...grab a tambourine. 

  • A funeral...maybe leave the tambourine home on this one, unless it’s meant to honor the deceased. 

  • You’re going to a sporting event, forget the foam finger and leave the cowbell at home...grab a tambourine. 

  • At the drive through window and as you conclude your order...grab a tambourine. 

  • Giving birth...grab a tambourine (Husbands proceed with caution). 

  • Easter Sunday choir member...duh. 

The list can go on and on, but i think you get the point. So if you have ever thought “I can’t dance” or “I would never…” well all i can say is grab a tambourine.

in fact, I would LOVE to hear where you feel the power of the tambourine could benefit the most.  As for me, school is session... click here to start the revolution. 

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