Why bobbleheads?

It’s a valid question for sure.  For those who have followed me on social media for any length of time or have been around me in any way shape or form, you’ve most likely heard me talk about a Bobblehead.  I have never been officially asked “Why bubbleheads?” but I see it all over people's faces when they step into my office for the first time or when I tell them I'm planning to go to a specific game due to a bobblehead giveaway.  So, I figured it would be an appropriate time to talk about “why”. 

bobble butt.jpg

I received my first bobblehead from a dear cousin who brought it to me from Birmingham, AL.  It was a bobblehead of the Vulcan statue.  The Vulcan statue stands 56 ft. tall and is cast iron in its entirety.  Making it one of the tallest statues in the world of its type and is a popular symbol of Birmingham, Al (the Steel city).  Not only was it an awesome gift that instantly reminded me of my college years at Samford University, but it sparked a collective mindset that has stuck with me ever since.  To make things even better, this bobblehead was special.  See, the Vulcan statue is based off the Roman god Vulcan who was the god of fire.  Much like all the Romans depicted in that era, this man is wearing an apron and that’s it.  That’s right, it’s a bobble ‘head’ AND a bobble ‘butt.’  It’s hilarious. 


It was at that moment when I thought, there’s more to these things than meets the eye.  Yes, it’s a figurine.  Yes, it takes up space somewhere and you must designate its place in your office/home or wherever.  BUT there are elements of bobbleheads that are important to understand, that moves beyond just a figurine you may see in a trinket store or wherever you come across one.  Here are a few of my top reasons ‘why’ bobbleheads are my thing 😉 

  1. Conversation starters.  You better believe they’re conversation starters.  I have them in our house, in my home office and in my office at work for several reasons.  But honestly, conversation starter is one of the reasons.  It’s a great way to break the ice.  Often, they are the first thing noticed in my office when someone comes in.  In fact, I've had people laugh at them, stare at them in silence (or disbelief) or even just simply say something to the tune of “Wow” or “Goodness that’s a lot of bobbleheads.”  See – instant ice-breaker.  From there the conversation has a knack for flowing relatively easy.  Afterwards, they’re left with remembering me, the bobblehead office, and hopefully – our conversation. 

  1. Gifts.  If you are looking for gift for the person who has everything, get them a bobblehead.  Heck, you can get a personalized bobblehead of yourself!  A simple google search and you can have a personalized bobblehead sent directly to you.  The first year my wife and I got married I knew exactly what I wanted to do every year at Christmas.  I wanted to create a personalized bobblehead depicting each member of our family in some way that represented the year.  For instance, our first family bobblehead was Gatsby themed due to our epic wedding reception.  The second was tourist themed due to several trips we took.  The third was our family dressed as super heroes and our last bobblehead was a recreation of a maternity photo we had made.  They are so special to not only me, but our family.  Get creative, and give the gift of the bobblehead.  If you are looking for tips, tricks or general info concerning all things bobblehead, do yourself a favor and go follow @bobblesniper  

  1. Each one has a story.  This is my number one reason for collecting bobbleheads.  For every bobblehead I have, I can tell you where I got it from, and/or the context behind it.  Like the KFC Colonel Sanders bobblehead a co-worker got for me because he had their account.  They had the bobblehead on the desk and he said, “I know a guy who would love that.” They gave it to him no problem. I display it proudly on my shelf in my house.  My bobbleheads in my office are mostly sports themed.  I love going to professional sporting events and luckily for me my wife LOVES to travel and is willing to take off, plan and do what it takes for us to go.  So, whether it’s just us, or with the family, I hope to make a professional sporting event and grab a mascot bobblehead.  I may or may not try to plan an entire trip around a bobblehead giveaway game. 😉   Not only do they provide excellent office décor, but I put a picture of us right beside the bobblehead as not only proof we were there, but to enjoy telling the story of the vacation – the game etc.  Again, a bobblehead can tell a story.  Let one define your next trip. 

Granted, they may not be for everyone and just starting out you can probably go a bit overboard if you really get into it.  My suggestion is to start small or have a goal when beginning your collection.  For an example, if you are sports themed, work on getting all SEC Mascot Bobbleheads.  Better yet, go to each stadium and pick them up at the bookstore.  See, instant memory and instant souvenir.  If you have someone who enjoys pop culture or anything movie/comic book related, they have them for that genre as well.  Check out Entertainment Earth for some ideas or visit the Bobblehead Hall of Fame website and get educated!  

Who knows, you may start a collection yourself and have someone come up to you ask... “So, why bobbleheads?”   


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