A blog about my blog. I think.

Russell Delk, Author

Recently, I read a blog that focused on blogs and about writing blogs and what should be blogged about and what I shouldn’t even think about blogging about.  It was a bunch of blog, blog, blog which turned into blah, blah, blah to me. Needless to say, I got a little confused and realized I didn’t care about what anyone else was telling me a blog should or should not be.  That’s why I stopped reading that blog, but hopefully you haven’t stopped reading mine. Yet.

Anyways….in an effort not to put myself in a “blogging box,” I thought it would be appropriate for my first official blog to layout my plan for not only this blog but some expectations that I can hopefully live up to. I also feel like I have already used the word “blog” WAY more than I should have.  Moving on. 

To begin, I want everyone to know why I am even doing this.  To be honest, I just wanted a space where I could focus on being me and staying creative.  I want to connect with readers and their families and hopefully inspire some kiddos and maybe find some common ground with like-minded people.  I’m not in the political arena, nor did I choose to be, so if you want me to comment on a political party’s stance, or take a position on a specific issue, I’m not your guy.  But, if you want to read about what I find funny, endearing or awesome, then please, visit here often.  Bottom line, if I can be a positive influence on you or someone you know, if I can inspire a child through laughter or a silly story, then I’m going to do it.

Russell and Julie Delk, Grayson and Conrad

On a personal note, I grew up in small town U.S.A., Bay Springs, Mississippi, and am currently living in a slightly larger one in Laurel, Mississippi. I have come to appreciate southern hospitality and wouldn’t trade it for anything.  When my wife, Julie and I got married in April of 2015, I became an instant father to Grayson, and, the following March, we added our son Conrad to the mix.  This December our little girl, Jovie Marie (named after her momma) will be coming along just in time for Christmas.  Professionally, I have a “real job” where I am a sales manager for a business solutions company.  Being responsible for 12 sales reps spread across three states certainly keeps me busy, add in this side hustle and being in graduate school at Mississippi College basically suggests I am glutton for time management challenges. Let’s just say balance is a strong word in my house. 

So, let’s recap. I’ve talked about why I am doing this, who I am, where I live and about my family (I guess I did get something out of that blog I read). Oh, and I mentioned my real job…I guess that’s it?  Wait, I forgot one last thing, I appreciate you – reading this blog – I have no idea what I am doing but I am looking forward to growing in this venture and seeing where it takes me.  That’s it for my first blog!  Imagine that…a blog about my blog. I think.  

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