Proud daddy moment.

Proud daddy moment.

This past week I experienced the birth of my daughter, Jovie. This is the second birth I’ve witnessed (Conrad was my first) and i was instantly reminded of how truly amazing the human body is and that giving birth really is a miracle. 

Earlier this year in January my wife and I had a miscarriage. We were 11 weeks in, heard the heart beat and were preparing for an August baby. Unfortunately that didn’t happen. BUT, God is good and we became pregnant a few months later and we were over the moon excited. 

The due date was set for Dec 14. I wasn’t a big fan of this as I didn't want to have a baby get the shaft for their birthday or Christmas being So close together, but what can you do. We just prayed for a healthy baby, and a healthy momma. 

We found out we were having a baby girl at 14 weeks. We were hyped. After two boys my wife especially was excited speaking prophetically to this unborn child everyday. She’d say, “you will have black hair, like your mama. You will have brown eyes, like your mama.” It was so endearing, especially when the ultrasounds showed she had hair. Julie glowed. 

Going through the pregnancy, we knew early on this baby was going to be a big one. Conrad was 9lbs 6 oz and so we were expecting that weight or bigger. Not necessarily a megalodon baby but a great white size for sure. 

I was convinced that we would be having a late November birth. I was betting on one good Thanksgiving meal and Jovie would pop out and we would be ready to go. As it happened, she decided to meet us Dec 4th. 

The whole process when you enter the maternity ward is nothing short of a well 
Oiled machine. The IV is hooked up, the medicine is administer accordingly and then the “Dr Feel Good” comes in and delivers what he described as “his best epidural he’s ever done.” So good it bottomed out Julie’s blood pressure, but it was regulated. Twice. 

For the next several hours there was “checking” to see about dilation centimeters and other weird things that I chose to turn my head to. Modesty is out the window for sure lol. There’s just...a lot. 

The time came for Julie to begin pushing, and in comes a small army of scrubbed up nurses, assistants and the The general of this brigade come in ready to go. It’s amazing how little the doctor actually does up to this point...but when you think about it, if everything’s on schedule they would just be in way I guess. 

So, up rises the bed to almost 90 degrees and up go the legs onto the 50 shades of embarrassment holsters. Kinda reminded me of those squatty Potty infomercials, only laying down. Anyways, the encouraging begins, the pushing ensues and several minutes later out pops Jovie. 

I would love to say she was “beautiful” when she popped out of her mama but I would be lying. She was like a weird shade of blue/white/grey and lovely coat of slimy stuff I just wanted...gone. The first words out of everyone’s mouths, the general, sergeants and all the infinity seemed to gasp in unison “wow what I big baby!” In my daughters defense, she’s just big boned. 

From the time Jovie got cleaned up and we were ready for her and her mom to do the “skin to skin” hour. The nurses wouldn’t leave until they saw how much she weighed. I thought that was funny, turned out to be 10 lbs 6oz. I was proud and my wife gleaming in the background said “I told you she was gonna be big!” I yelled “MEGALODON!!” Nah, I didn’t. Should have. 

After the hour of “skin to skin” we were able to allow family to come in and see/hold Jovie. Grandparent and aunts And uncles were there and all was well. We had to cut the visits short though due to some fever and possible infection that affected both Jovie and Julie. That was quite nerve racking and I definitely didn’t feel good about it. 

It wasn’t until 12:30 a.m. until we were able to see Jovie again. We spent the night in the same delivery room. Those chairs make you appreciate things like lumbar support, beds and cushions. It was about 4 am and we got moved into a regular room. At that time we had the sweetest nurse watch Jovie for us from 530-630 that morning. It was the most we had slept since the day before. 

We had to spend one more night in the hospital. I became accustomed to the awful sleeping situation, the constant visits from nurses, baby nurses, lactation specialists, cleaning crew, pediatricians, doctors, food people, oh and there was a hospital photographer floating around too. 

Finally we got the good news we would be able to come home on the Dec 6th after 5 p.m. I appreciate everyone from the Forrest General Hospital maternity wing. From top to bottom - class act. Through all of this, my wife was (and still is) an absolute rock star. To endure the labor or birth, trying to recover from that, caring for our baby girl and reminding me where I put my cell phone I don’t see how she can do it all, but she does. 

Now I have my son Grayson (8), Conrad (2) and now Jovie. My wife is excited to be able to have some time with our daughter (with binge watching a few shoes on Hulu and Netflix)for next several weeks. I’m excited to have a baby girl I can spoil. I already have 7 ways I plan to embarrass her when the time comes. I have a fanny pack full of bows and I’m working on my tea party attire. 

Two last things I feel everyone should know. Yes, I do have her a batgirl costume for when the time comes. Oh, and she’s got black hair. Just like her mama. 

Merry Christmas to me

Merry Christmas to me

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